Trust Role of Directors

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• To determine the Vision for the Trust and ensure that its achievement underpins all strategic planning and decision making.
• To develop the Values of the Trust and ensure that they underpin all decision making.
• To agree and oversee the implementation of a Strategy for the development of the Trust.
• To develop, agree, implement and monitor all the Trust’s Strategies and Policies for the achievement of the Vision.
• To develop, review and take ownership of the Trust’s Strategic plan, incorporating the academies’ financial plans, and monitoring their implementation.
• To ensure that all schools within the Trust attain high standards and demonstrate at least good progress against national indicators.
• To ensure that the Trust keeps within legal obligations and complies with all necessary regulatory requirements.
• To maintain overall control and consistency of approach across the academies within the Trust through:
◦ Strong governance arrangements
◦ Clear and appropriate levels of delegated authority
◦ Unified frameworks for strategic planning, risk management, policy- making and performance review.