Why Inspire?

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Creating the context for change

The Government has put forward a clear overarching framework for a school system that helps every child to fulfil their potential by ensuring that they receive the right support, in the right place at the right time – founded on world-class literacy and numeracy as the cornerstone of an excellent education. This will be delivered through a fully multi academy trust (MAT) led system with a single regulatory approach with clear roles across the school’s sector, through the growth of strong trusts, to have secured by 2030 for all pupils to be taught in a strong MAT.

Preparing for Change – Our Story, Our Children, Our People

Encapsulating many of the aspects of the working definition of a strong multi academy trust we are prepared for the change that is coming to our sector, through our ambitious Vision, theologically rooted Values and clear Trust development strategies.

Why learn and work in Inspire

We put the quality of education at the core of our vision.

We have strong models of improvement alongside high-quality implementation and delivery. We are able to deliver high standards of education, systematically, through excellent improvement practice that incorporates knowledge building, evidence-informed professional development and the creation of communities of improvement. As a successful Trust we are able to deploy the expertise of teachers and leaders across our schools to ensure maximum impact.

Who are pupils are matters as much as their academic success. Our school improvement strategies provide an excellent framework to deliver a truly broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum with an emphasis on co-curricular activities such as Arts, Music and Sports from age 2 to 18.

For our Pupils and Students

✔ where all Pupils are valued, respected and experience success

✔ where who they are matters as much as their academic achievement

✔ where children are encouraged to reach their potential both academic and social

✔ where we provide a wide range of opportunities / something for everyone

✔ where learning is fun

✔ where they experience care with high expectations

At Inspire, shared accountability and collaboration are an integral element of MAT structures and governance, this leads to successful outcomes for our pupils, but alongside this, we recognise the importance of our people. The best trusts are good employers, with a focus on workforce resilience and wellbeing and we endeavor to ensure all of our staff are cared for, supported and developed via a comprehensive programme of CPD.

People matter. If as an organisation, we are to build sustainable infrastructures to lead change, improve schools and respond to the legacies of the pandemic. The strongest trusts understand their responsibilities and duties as employers – they are good employers. They recruit, develop, deploy and retain great teachers, support staff and leaders throughout their careers, supporting their development by using evidence-informed professional development and ensuring a manageable work-life balance, paying close attention to wellbeing. We believe this at Inspire and this forms the bedrock of our People strategy.

For Our Staff an organisation

✔ which prides itself in high quality CPD

✔ where staff receive every support to be the best they can be

✔ where we endeavor to promote from within, with cross MAT appointments

✔ where we try to support staff in achieving a work life balance

✔ where all staff are valued, respected and can experience success

✔ where people feel supported and want to work

✔ where they experience care with high expectations