Our Vision & Values

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Our Vision sets the aspiration for us all

To be the educator and employer of choice, with a first-class education that empowers pupils to flourish, grow and achieve. Where pupils matter to us as much as their academic success and with staff who are valued, supported and developed. Together, we will live life in all its fullness.

Our Values

All of our schools are aligned through our overall culture

Culture starts with Values which are our ideals, truths, behaviours – what matters most to us.  It is the why we do things in the way that we do, ultimately its always about the children

Our Values drive our behaviours, which, in turn, creates our Trust culture

Inspire is a Trust aligned through one culture with a shared set of values across all of our schools, they are an integral part of our success, and we ensure that these form the foundation of everything we do.

They drive the behaviours of our people through our theologically rooted Christian principles.

Integrity        We celebrate diversity and difference.  All are valued as members of our community knowing they belong.
Nurture         We promote positive wellbeing so all feel safe, cared for and enabled to thrive.
Servanthood We considerately put the needs of others before our own, recognising that in serving eachother we serve all.
Partnership  We work collaboratively, recognising we achieve more together than on our own
Inclusive       We are open, honest and have strong moral principles which we use to guide us
Respect         We show care, consideration and courtesy for ourselves and all around us. 
Excellence    We always strive to be better in order to become first class in all we do.