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Continued Professional Development at Inspire Education Trust

Across Inspire Education Trust we put professional development at the heart of everything we do. We know that to raise pupil outcomes, it is imperative that we develop the pedagogy of teachers and support staff in an exciting and ambitious way. We offer a range of relevant professional development programmes that follow the EEF guidance and the Sutton Trust recommendations to ensure that our teachers are being given the latest and most relevant evidence-based research to inform their teaching and learning. This ensures that all professional development is memorable ahead of implementation within the classroom and thus makes the desired impact within the classroom. It is also essential that our teachers have the opportunity to see teaching techniques modelled, have time to practice them in a supportive environment, and have chance to reflect and apply these within their own pedagogical toolkits.

Across Inspire Education Trust, we offer a range of development and training programmes across the school year. Teaching and Learning sessions as well as pedagogy training and development sessions run ‘through the term’ as well as forming the core basis of the ‘Teaching Training Days’ throughout the year. We also offer training for our leaders within school, including our local governors. Our leadership programmes compliment what happens in our schools and provide support for leaders to ensure that every school flourishes and succeeds within their role.

Together we achieve, individually we grow.