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We have developed our training and development offer for our leaders with the understanding that great leadership will dramatically impact the effectiveness of our colleagues and pupils. Through ongoing CPD and our bespoke leadership professional framework, our Leaders will know how to create the conditions and the culture which empower staff to thrive.

New and aspiring leaders have the option to attend a series of in-person training sessions throughout the year. These topics cover a broad range of topics including best practice for developing their department curriculum, managing financial information and maximising the staff appraisal process to name just a few.

Through the use of WALKTHRUS and Church of England Training Resources, Leaders in all of our settings are developing coaching skills to improve quality of teaching & learning in their schools.

Senior and Executive Leaders are part of a rich and useful range of networks nationally, to raise the profile of the MAT and secure meaningful partnerships. A number of our senior and executive colleagues are undertaking leadership NPQs and similar qualifications to develop them into the system leaders of the future.