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At Inspire we believe that all staff should be valued, supported and developed throughout their career, so that they can flourish professionally at all levels. We are proud to offer a full suite of NPQs to teachers and school leaders so that all staff in our schools can have the opportunity access the latest research through an effective partnership with an accredited provider. We are delighted to have been working collaboratively as a delivery partner for the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership. Our vision is to create a dynamic learning community which enables all of our community to live life in all its fullness.

Why Take an NPQ?

National Professional Qualifications are a nationally recognised suite of qualifications for teachers and school leaders at all levels; the courses offer the opportunity to develop your expertise in your chosen career pathway; helping you to achieve excellence as a leader inside and outside the classroom.  At Inspire we are delighted to offer the full suite of NPQ’s through numerous providers such as CEFAL, Ambition Institute and UCL.

NPQ courses are designed to designed to help you to use the latest research to grow as a leader through collaborative practice & asynchronous learning. The courses have been revised to reduce the workload burden on teachers, whilst still providing the opportunity to develop and apply their learning. Undertaking an NPQ demonstrates your commitment to your on-going professional development and expertise in school leadership.

NPQ providers

The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership;

Ambition Institute; Ambition

UCL Institute of Education; UCL