Strategic Framework

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The Strategic Framework – Vision, Mission, Strategy and Objectives all in alignment – enabling us to deliver our organisational Ambition

Inspiring Generations through our Values – which are living and breathing in our schools

Values drive behaviour and behaviour over time creates culture e.g. Expectations shape Outcomes
We want to ensure that every child and student is valued and that the unique identity of each school is protected, celebrated and recognised for the contribution it makes to ensuring children have the best education and experiences

Our name “Inspire Education Trust” symbolically reflects the beating heart of our Multi-Academy Trust. Our Trust is a community of schools that have shared values and share an essential common ethos and vision for education and learning, as encapsulated in our values.

These values drive our behaviour, decision making and ambitions:

• To be inclusive
• Being self-reflective is essential in encouraging innovation, our Trust is always driven to improve further
• We value strong, clear, moral, purposed leadership
• We are committed to making all children feel happy, safe and secure.
• We believe that all our children are of equal value regardless of their differences and celebrate diversity of our school community.
• We celebrate a diversity of ethnicity, culture and talents within an ever-evolving community. We are proud that everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the Trust and to have their contributions valued.

In all schools across the Trust we show respect towards those of other faiths and beliefs. The Christian faith is also central to the life and work of our Church of England Schools’

In our school communities, we aim to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding in which the sanctity of the individual is cherished and where the children and adults show consideration, courtesy and respect for each other at all times.