Vision and Values

Trust Vision and Values

Academy vision and values

Inspire Education Trust is a Multi Academy Trust of Primary Schools that grew from a shared belief that children deserve a first-class education so that each individual child understands what they are capable of, what talents they have, and strives for excellence in themselves in order to succeed in the next stage of their education and the world of work.

We understand that every member of staff is here for the best interest of the children. We want to ensure that every child is valued and that the unique identity of each school is protected, celebrated and recognised for the contribution it makes to ensuring children have the best education and experiences.

Our mission statement captures the way in which we work to achieve this.


‘Together we achieve, individually we grow’

Inspire Education Trust Aims

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Inspire Education Trust Aims

  • To be recognised as a Trust with outstanding learning opportunities.
  • To raise aspirations to secure high levels of academic progress for all learners.
  • To provide a wide range of memorable learning experiences.
  • To ensure equality of opportunity within a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To promote the Trust’s values.
  • Maintain and develop rigorous MAT wide school improvement programmes to support children and staff in raising achievement.
  • To ensure effective governance together with ambitious and determined. leadership, secure the best outcomes for our academy communities.
  • For all Trust academies to have outstanding environments which support all learners.
  • To establish a financial foundation to enable IET to fulfil its vision.
  • To value committed, reflective staff who challenge themselves to be creative. and to take risks, enabling outstanding performance.
  • To provide continual professional development and promote a well-resourced, high quality environment.
  • To become the employer of choice.
  • To be recognised as a centre of learning excellence, disseminating best practice within and beyond the MAT.
  • Successful engagement with parents / carers in the community to support pupil progress, well-being and achievement.

How Our Aims WIll Be Achieved

  • Ensuring our academies work together to share best practice to continually improve pedagogy.
  • Supporting our Academy leaders to inspire and influence others and play an active part in the wider self-improving school system.
  • Creating outward facing academies that engage with appropriate local, national and international support to access expertise and professional development.
  • Listening to the voice of pupils, parents, governors, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Giving Local Governing Bodies a clear mandate to be the drivers of school improvement.

We have set ourselves to following goals by 2019

  • Children will progress at a rate above the national average.
  • We will create a highly effective ‘self-improving system’, which is positively influencing pupil achievement.
  • Our constantly evolving curriculum continues to motivate children in their learning.
  • Children will demonstrate improvements in their health and wellbeing.
  • Every school will have evidence to show how robust partnerships with other MAT schools have contributed to improved pupil outcomes.
  • Staff recruitment and retention is high.
  • Inspire Education Trust will attract other like-minded schools to join the MAT (2018-2019 a fifth school to join the MAT).
  • OFSTED judges all our schools as good and 50% of schools judged outstanding.

The following aims act to support our ethos

‘In all schools across the MAT we show respect towards those of other faiths and beliefs. The Christian faith is also central to the life and work of our Church of England School.’

In our school communities, we aim to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding in which the sanctity of the individual is cherished and where the children and adults show consideration, courtesy and respect for each other at all times.

  • We aim to overcome any barriers to learning in order that children feel able to fly
  • We aim for all members of our school community to feel safe, secure and successful.
  • We aim to provide a dynamic and responsive curriculum which stimulates a life long love of learning through which children develop the skills necessary, feel valued and fulfilled citizens of the future.
  • We aim for the children to be independent learners and feel confident to make decisions and take responsibility for their learning.
  • We aim to constantly provide opportunities for children to engage with current and new technologies to enhance their learning experiences.
  • We aim to develop effective partnerships between home, school, local, national and global communities.

Our Values

  • We are committed to making all children feel happy, safe and secure.
  • We believe that all our children are of equal value regardless of their differences and celebrate diversity of our school community.
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our children fulfil their social and academic potential through appropriately differentiated opportunities.
  • We believe that our children are entitled to innovative learning experiences, which give them the skills, and knowledge to feel valued and fulfilled citizens.
  • We value and encourage children’s involvement in and contribution to daily life of the school and we actively seek opportunities to listen to children’s voices.
  • We value and actively seek to promote links with parents, the local, national and global communities.
  • We celebrate our national culture and traditions and encourage the children from other cultures to teach us about theirs.